Solomon Brenner - Black Belt Parenting

In Black Belt Parenting, You’ll Learn:

  • The art of challenging
  • How to be a Good Role Model
  • Goal setting for children and young adults
  • Achieving and maintaining focus
  • Coping with Stress
  • How to use language to communicate, not confuse
  • Preparing for an uncertain future though “pre-framing” positive outcomes

What Top Professionals Are Saying About Black Belt Parenting

“It’s good to know that common sense and ethical values still pay off.  Mr. Brenner of Action Karate has taken the forefront in Martial Arts education by writing a very helpful parenting guide for parents of his martial arts children.  His lesson and insight will go far beyond the martial arts classroom in helping parents and children to be positive and well nurtured in our negative world.”

  • Greg Silva, President Black Belt Schools International


“Solomon is very energetic and caring person.  He works very hard instilling confidence and developing self-esteem in his students.”

  • Michele Jones, Guidance Counselor- Belmont Hills Elementary School

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“If you have met Solomon Brenner you know already the positive nature of the recommendations Solomon makes in his text.  His positive attitude and beliefs leap from the pages and impact the reader.  His numerous comments and recommendations gleaned through reading, practice and student appear to challenge all who read the text to look at life and children as a gift to be positively nurtured and appreciated in a balanced yet disciplined approach.”

  • Sister M. Lorraine Holzman IHM, Principal- Assumption BVM School


“A helpful read for any parent with a child in martial arts.”

  • Rob Colasanti, President, NAPMA

“The precepts offered by Mr. Brenner in his book about Action Karate comprise the basis of good parenting skills.  We teach these same concepts of appropriate parenting our Family Therapy practice.  Children and their families are taught to make good choices on their own behalf, take responsibility for their behavior and to develop a positive sense of expectancy toward the future.  At times we have suggested that parents take their children to Action Karate to supplement the strategies utilized in therapy.  It is our observation that the training helps children focus and reinforces the notion that learning and mastering a skill is a process in which one often succeeds, but sometimes must face failure before reaching the final goal.”

  • Deborah Meyrowitz-Weiss, M.ED., M.F.T; Craig D. Weiss, Ph.D

About the Author

Solomon Brenner is a professional martial arts instructor specializing in teaching and motivating children and adults.  He has unique perspective on the challenges of children and young people and a proven record of applying principles and disciplines of karate to lead, transform, and inspire them.

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